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Leadership coaching

If you are a leader or aspire to lead, coaching can be your growth catalyst.

Coaching can help you identify which specific skills or competence to develop that will serve you, strengths you have that you can leverage and it can help you to identify when you need to ask for help, as not all gaps are worthy of development!

Coaching can help you become aware of your blind spots, your biases and your preferences that can interfere with objectivity, relationships, conflict management and collaboration. We speak of the best employers to work for, we can also speak of the best leaders and managers to work with and learn with.

Our self-awareness is put to the test in times of conflict, crisis and error because the emotional stakes are higher, the brain is processing in survival mode and the last thing we want to do is make ourselves more vulnerable. And yet these are the most crucial learning opportunities to be examined. The art and skill of recovery from any unanticipated challenge or crisis is foundational to repeatable future successes.