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Facilitation and workshops

3D!  –  the key to transformative facilitation is in Mindful Design, Delivery and Debrief.



I am fastidious when it comes to design. I design to both guide and to foster emergence at the same time. It takes teamwork with my clients for me to understand what it takes to create conditions for success in the sessions(s).

I use all kinds of media to help people express themselves, even a session or two around a kitchen counter! Creativity brings out our inner child and playfulness. We can let down some of the defenses that stop us from sharing our realities, perceptions and feelings in certain contexts.

When everyone participates by creating together in a non-threatening environment, the team often experiences purer teamwork with less weight and noise than they have accumulated in the workplace. Activities can be designed as ‘levelers’ in terms of hierarchy and titles. Everyone is learning and creating together from a clean slate. No one is better than or an authority on. Everyone can literally experience a level playing field!

The activity coupled with highly meaningful debriefs of their teamwork and what they can take back into their workplace is transformative in how teams and people work together beyond these sessions.

A mindful and intentional design allows us to trust the process, the group and the facilitator to be the guide.