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Career Coaching

Are you seeking a radical or incremental shift in your career, or are you curious about your leadership potential?

Coaching can help you connect to the strengths that are relevant and transferable to the position or profession you are working towards. We can also understand any gaps you need to tackle to prepare for a new level of engagement and challenge.

When you know where you’re headed, preparing the tone and messaging of any written materials (resumes, cover letters, work samples) is key to setting a tone and preparing the audience to receive you in a certain way, so that by the time you are facing each other, you can cast some pretty impressive pearls!

Together, we help you identify and articulate your key messages and prepare you to relax enough to be fluid, responsive and creative. Interviews are great opportunities to learn about yourself for life, not just for the hour on the hot-seat!

I can help you present to prospective employers with a blend of confidence and humility that comes through when you listen intently and respond articulately about your fit for the position.