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Coach that fits?

Fit is key – experience, approach and philosophy should fit your needs…

Scots like to test their hardiness to make sure it has not left them. If anyone has mastered delayed gratification and discipline, it’s in the Scottish DNA! Imagine sitting waiting for 25 or more years for the Scotch to be finally ready to sip! We make sure whatever it is we are after has the necessary qualities before we commit.

Fit is as important when you hire someone to facilitate change. The consultant or facilitator for your change will serve you well if they have the necessary risk comfort to guide you and perhaps challenge what it is that you think you need, just to be sure you are addressing root causes to resolve issues rather than symptoms. 

Below are some reasons I am hired which may help you to understand some of the experiential outcomes and reactions to the services I provide. My clients will provide a reference or discuss my work should you require more detailed information.

I am hired to:

  • Consult on change design, management and execution, on organizational culture, structure and behaviour.
  • Facilitate important conversations that make space for creative thought, insight and new beginnings.
  • Synthesize and summarize layers of key information, often abstract concepts, ideas and exchanges from group dialogue, communicating it back in a way that people understand and can act on in concrete ways.
  • Create safety that leads to risk-taking, honesty and new behaviours at individual and team levels.
  • Create conditions for difficult conversations to be hosted and held, for mediating long-standing conflicts and apparent impasses.
  • Facilitate conversations for groups and teams, from fun retreats to entrenched team conflicts, to strategic planning and design.

 Organizations served

City of North Bay ○ Capitol Centre North Bay ○ North Bay District Health Unit
Nipissing Transition House ○ North Bay Police Services ○ Midland Police Services ○ North Bay Fire Department ○ Caisse Populaire ○ DiBrina Sure Group ○ Stantec ○ Cementation Canada ○ Temiskaming Health Unit ○ North Bay Hydro ○ Minesteel Fabricators ○ Innovation Initiatives Ontario North ○ Northern Ontario School of Medicine ○ Canadore College ○ Nipissing University ○ North Bay General Hospital ○ Community Living North Bay ○ Community Living Huronia ○ Esprit Family Resource Centre ○ Nipissing First Nations ○ Nipissing District Housing Corporation ○ Hair Designers ○ Violence Against Women Sector ○ Banyan Work Health Solutions ○ Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing ○ Ministry of Corrections ○ Collaborative Family Lawyers ○ Clark Marketing and Communications ○ West Nipissing Development Agency ○ Veterans Affairs Canada ○ St. Joseph’s Scollard High School ○ Sudbury District Health Unit ○ District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board ○ The Humm Almonte ○ Mental Health Commission of Canada