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Whether at the individual, team or organizational level, progress, learning or growth is reliant on change.


I assist clients to create conditions for success, whatever success means to them. Whether for an interview, a presentation, a difficult conversation or a stretch goal. I facilitate insight and self-awareness, knowledge that can be applied for life not just for the task ahead.

Humility is a prerequisite for change. I define humility as a reality-based view of oneself at any given moment. Assessing and perceiving what you do and don’t know or can or cannot do in any given situation. Humility comes from self-knowledge and awareness of how and when you can be of most value. Most value could be in recognizing when to invite others in to replace or complement you.

My Coaching philosophy honours the dynamism of the coach and coachee relationship, the potential for transformation, the development of coachee’s self-trust over the course of the coaching session(s) and the trust that new trusts emerge!

The concept of emergence in coaching is based on the confidence that although some type of transformation cannot be guaranteed, to allow for it, we must leave room. We leave room for what we cannot anticipate or plan for, the magic, the extra-ordinary brought about by the relational dynamic and the process.

My clients are in private, public and non-profit sectors; policing, utilities, marketing, banking, education, health care and social services to name a few. I provide leadership development, management training, conflict coaching, facilitation, mediation, training and workshops.

Success comes from us building the bridge together as we walk on it; designing, collaborating and risk-taking. When we are successful, our bridge will not look anything like we imagined, it will be supremely better; stronger and more resilient. Disclosure: It may have a few wee initials carved in it where we marked our celebrations along the way.