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Here is where I share foody stuff. I am passionate about good food and sustainable food practices. I often make dishes I want others to be able to reproduce, as they were simple, delicious and use up all kinds of leftovers or one-off things. I have a couple of culinary certificates under my apron; Mediterranean cooking from Casa Ombuto in Tuscany and a Level 2 Hospitality certificate from Ashburton Chefs Academy in Devon, UK.

You won’t be wading through yards of family stories with my recipes, nor will you get strict measures or directions because I cook the way I coach. I make space all the way through cooking, so will add, adjust or remove ingredients for the dish to emerge from balanced ingredients and flavors.

I measure in glugs, pinches, handfuls and approximate cups. I rarely measure precisely unless I am baking and even then, I adapt quantities and ratios to suit the specific ingredients as I may be working with drier flour, sweeter butter, lower fat cream cheese or a saltier caramel I simply strive to balance flavours, textures, colours, aromas and overall experience.

Sweet and spicy sausage pasta

This is a really simple, can’t get simpler, sausage pasta. I find the secret to great pasta dishes is twofold: excellent ingredients and simplicity.  Adjusting the supporting ingredients, in other words the things that will showcase your main dude, (in this case the honey garlic sausage), makes the dish nicely balanced without creating a competition in your mouth!  I would […]