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Writing is one form of reflective practice which may lead me to the next blog, creative solution or conversation. You may find the odd recipe interspersed with the coaching blogs. This is because one popped in by mistake and it seemed to create a nice complement between the topics on tough work leaders do and the need for them to be well nourished in order to do it! So I left the one that popped in and will continue to add a few along the way. Some of the greatest inventions have been a result of mistakes.

I would love readers to find their own meaning in this work, as the blogs cast pearls into the water to see what will ripple from them….


  …imagine what it is like to be in a state of being such that you can; Listen in peaceful silence, all the voices in your head having gone to bed Encourage your ego to serve you wisely, humbly, not drive you unchallenged to a place your spirit doesn’t want to go Accept conflict and confusion as a valuable path […]

Core confidence depends on core exercises!

In these turbulent and unpredictable times, leaders need core strength to ensure they tap into the knowledge and skills around them, so that their guidance and decisions are as informed and as sound as they can be with the information at hand. This is a time when the leader’s job is to put the right people together for the right […]

United by vulnerability

The power of collective vulnerability.  If we have learned one thing we have in common in this time of a pandemic, it is that we all do not know. Not knowing makes us all vulnerable. Our leaders do not know, parents, friends, siblings, peers do not know. We cannot answer definitively when this will be over or how many lives […]

Beware the NET!

If there is one thing I remember from my childhood it is that Winnie the Pooh never seemed to have enough honey. He was either scraping down a jar, tipping it upside down, sticking his paw into a beehive or getting his head well stuck in the honey jar. He seemed to be in a perpetual state of wanting more.  […]

Team trust – no ropes attached!

If the goal is to build sustainable team trust, high ropes trust may not be widely transferable or reproducible. I am always amazed when I see what teams create in my sessions. From a hilarious improv skit, to moving poems and songs in which they have expressed their need to unite and overcome. They have produced incredible vision statements, models […]

Unflappable you!

No matter how calm and unshakable we think we have become, there’s sure to be a wee bit of flap left in you when you least expect it! There always seems to be that illusive situation, that repeated trigger that gets to us and causes us to be unhinged and send us into a flap. That situation, that personality type […]

The discipline of being disciplined!

Behavior change can be fun, exciting and novel when you embark on something new, but when that wears off, what then? Ah the age-old challenge people and organizations struggle with…how to sustain a new behavior until it becomes habit. New behaviours can be sexy and exciting when we first embark on them. Our brain is stimulated in such a way […]

Listen…..keep it real!

There are times when we need to be a critical listener and times when we need to be an intimate listener. Reflecting on our role as a listener can help us listen in context, in a way that is most useful. Listening can be a multifaceted art that requires us to adapt how we listen relative to the context. Listening […]

Trust Your Future Self

Our confidence is built from self-awareness, from risking, from failing, recovering and learning. Oh yeah and achieving. Being a confident person gets built from confidence in what you know and what you don’t know yet. Confidence comes from knowing what you know and don’t (or may not) know in terms of information and it comes from knowing you don’t always […]

Trudge to the pot of gold!

When reaching a goal feels like a trudge, it may be time to pay attention to the gold along the way instead of the pot at the end of the rainbow! Sometimes, we can be so focused on outcomes we don’t connect with how incredible the journey can be to reach the wee gold pot. The road can feel a […]