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Core confidence depends on core exercises!
July 21st, 2020

In these turbulent and unpredictable times, leaders need core strength to ensure they tap into the knowledge and skills around them, so that their guidance and decisions are as informed and as sound as they can be with the information at hand.

This is a time when the leader’s job is to put the right people together for the right task, given the problems at hand are often ones that have never been solved or even understood. Leaders need to know when and how to group skills and knowledge and build new teams for next level problems and new ideas. They also need to know when to disband, conclude or resolve projects or teams to maximize resources and engagement. 

Mobilizing knowledge, information, skills and strengths is needed to enhance the relevance, timing and execution of our work. Mobilizing benefits from 4 core exercises which, when continually strengthened through self-awareness, help leaders create risk tolerant conditions required for people to creatively tackle new and often complex issues.  

4 core exercises to build your core confidence in a time of unknowns: 

  1. Humility
  2. Accountability
  3. Courage
  4. Critical thinking


As a leader who practices humility, you know when to ask for help. You have heightened awareness of when there are others in the room who know more than you about a topic or who may see things in a way that is needed to balance, challenge or enhance a decision or a communication. Your strong humility ensures you create space for others to offer their talents and together, you all deliver far more as a collective than you could have as an autocratic leader.

Your humility allows you to maximize teamwork and mobilize talent. It allows your ego to act as a healthy governor, not as a sole charge dictator of your reactions and behavior. Your humility lets you learn as your ego is not at stake.


Exercising your accountability creates the dependability, trust and reliability others need from you in tough, uncertain times. Your comfort with accountability makes you ‘error-friendly’, since dynamic conditions mean we cannot predict with certainty how a decision will play out and our best estimate is needed. Staying accountable to your decisions or actions you provide the beacon and the relief needed when things may not have gone as intended. In stepping up, you set the stage, creating safety for others to make themselves vulnerable and step up to their own accountability.

Your comfort with accountability allows you to build teams and cultures that appreciate innovation and intelligent risk-taking. You are aware that without accountability, an increase in blaming, avoidant, pass the buck behaviours can occur wherein people retreat with wilting spirit and disengagement.

Engaged, responsible people want to be held accountable and hold themselves accountable. 


As a leader who exercises courage, you navigate the unknowns and lead where no one has led before. You are more comfortable with being uncomfortable than most people. You and your team challenge bias, assumptions, decisions or thinking that needs to be better informed. You create conditions for new ways of thinking, doing and innovating. Together you solve tough problems, have tough conversations and do the right thing. Pairing your courage with humility, you guide people where they need to go, leveraging all the skills at the table. 

Critical thinking 

To think critically is a constant practice and one you instill in others through mindfulness, tools and methods. It is requisite for leading in these times. You exercise your critical thinking skills continuously.

As an approach, critical thinking supports your decisions, actions and strategy. Paired with courage, your critical thinking helps your organization stay lean, agile and learn continuously. You ask powerful questions that help you unearth root causes so you can all channel effort and energy meaningfully and efficiently. Your methodical curiosity helps you mobilize key information relevant to the uniqueness of the situations you face now, and with your team you remain objectively critical and bias conscious.