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Trust Your Future Self
June 8th, 2019

Our confidence is built from self-awareness, from risking, from failing, recovering and learning. Oh yeah and achieving. Being a confident person gets built from confidence in what you know and what you don’t know yet.

Confidence comes from knowing what you know and don’t (or may not) know in terms of information and it comes from knowing you don’t always know what you’re capable of. Being confident with the known and the unknown about who you are and could be, how you could behave, gives you the room to be extra-ordinary when it is called for or when you’re ready to run with a new challenge.

Many leaders and entrepreneurs are beyond confident with who they have yet to become. They embrace the challenge of getting to know their unknown selves. Being confident that you can pivot, reshape, adapt, remain true to something, be flexible, be curious and open is self-knowledge that translates to self-confidence.

Being a master of recovery, of learning continuously, being humble when you need to be, exercising courage when needed are foundational to self-confidence.  Making something positive out of the most challenging experiences, creating something incredible from what others might see as nothing or have missed completely, is an indicator that you are self-confident.

Lasting and resilient confidence takes repeated risk, learning, recovery and receptiveness to who you are all along the way. Taking as little as possible for granted and appreciating the learning in as many things as you can keeps you curious and humble.

Receiving and processing the natural feedback around us is free and plentiful and contributes to self-knowledge. Openly receiving verbal and non-verbal messages such as how we are or are not received, how we come across, how we impact and influence others can help us to continuously learn about who we are.

Our emotional intelligence can be a limitless pool of insight. What we do with it, now that’s an entirely different brain matter! The more we understand about ourselves, the more we can trust who we are and are not yet. Who are you going to be?