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Trudge to the pot of gold!
January 5th, 2019

When reaching a goal feels like a trudge, it may be time to pay attention to the gold along the way instead of the pot at the end of the rainbow!

Sometimes, we can be so focused on outcomes we don’t connect with how incredible the journey can be to reach the wee gold pot. The road can feel a bit of a trudge or a slog when the goal is so lofty. How do we balance the ability to stay appreciative of the present and all that we experience en route, with a keen desire to see a result, an outcome or an impact?

Goals can keep us motivated and driven by offering a sense of accomplishment. Yet high degrees of attachment to the outcomes can blind us from appreciating effort along the way.

Striving hard to reach a goal can set us up for feeling demotivated if it is so ambitious that our energy gets depleted along the way, or our passion wanes because it is not sustainable over long periods. An image that comes to mind is one of the work horse pulling a cart adorned with blinkers over its eyes so it can only look forward. The horse is prevented from looking sideways in case of distraction or to prevent it from being startled. The horse must focus on moving forward to complete its work.

Finding ways to balance the end goals with experiencing the present and what is around us along the way can enhance the journey and help us to enjoy the work as we go.

I realized that by deciding on an ideal outcome or a fixed goal, I missed opportunities that would present in the pursuit of the goal. I have found “visions” to be far more valuable for me than setting firm goals and a set route. The vision and a possible path or two give me room to be creative and allow me to appreciate what I am learning along the way. They also allow for the vision to become more complete as I integrate learning and add to the vision en route. This is my preferred achievement style. What works for you in the pursuit of something new or challenging?

When the journey to a goal feels like a trudge, it may be a sign to step off to the side and take advantage of a viewpoint, so you can look back, look around and look forward again with renewed energy. It can be revitalizing to reconnect with why you set out on the path and what it means to you. There is gold all the way along to admire and appreciate, you don’t have to wait until the end.